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Bespoke Energy Efficient Homes

Eco-Friendly Designs

Count on Richard Haig Architect for eco-friendly building designs. There are numerous benefits for choosing a green design, including:

• He uses materials with low embodied energy – they don’t take much energy to form or transform.
• He uses natural materials
• He uses renewable materials
• He reduces the amount of energy that is needed through insulation and air tightness
• The amount of energy used and provide excellent air quality without condensation

He recommends designs including
• Solar electric panels
• Solar thermal panels
• Wood burners

Healthy Buildings

Enjoy knowing you live in a building that looks stunning and also considers your health. Healthy properties are designed with clients’ personal benefits in mind.

Modern Furniture - Energy Efficient Homes

Bare Minimum

He also aims to keep dust to a minimum, so carpets are avoided and pollen filters are installed throughout the property.  This type of building is referred to as Baubiologie in Germany, where this trend has really taken off. It couldn’t be easier to live in an environmentally friendly building. These properties have no central heating, which allows them to exude very low energy.

Go Green

Energy efficient homes are a good way of saving money. You put more money into the property in one go, but as a result you vastly lower the outgoing energy. Put an end to unpleasant energy bills and take the first step towards an eco-friendly new build today!

Contact Richard Haig Architect for bespoke energy efficient homes that create a healthy environment for you to enjoy.